Minimal Knowledge

For the most part, being a company offering a paid service lets us offer a superior user experience, with greater security and usability compared to do-it-yourself systems. But there is a major disadvantage to purchasing a key management service from a commercial entity: you give up personal identifying information. The customer database from a key management service is a valuable collection of data that is an appealing target for attackers.

To counteract this, we minimize data collection on our customers. For example, we collect shipping information, but then we delete it after we make the necessary shipments. And our customers can provide us whatever shipping information or email address they want, they are free to be pseudonymous.

We collect only data that is necessary to run the service, as specified in our Privacy and Data Protection Policy. To the extent that we do collect customer data, we limit access to that data internally to those that need to know it. There is no reason for all engineers to have access to customer contact information, for example.

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