In order to allow for smooth recovery of funds if a Casa Vault Owner passes away, they may choose to enable a Recipient to access keys if certain conditions are met.

Casa's Inheritance protocols are designed so that the Vault Owner always retains sole control of their funds and any designated Recipient can only take control of the funds after the Vault Owner has passed.

For key sets that include a mobile key, this involves sharing an encrypted form of the mobile key with the Recipient. The Recipient scans it into the Casa app but are unable to use the key to create or sign transactions until an Inheritance request has been unlocked.

The Recipient is also allowed to request a signature from the Casa Recovery key, but only after an Inheritance request is unlocked.

Key sets without a mobile key or with 3 required signatures will also require sharing one hardware wallet and its associated seed phrase with your Recipient.

The Inheritance Request Process

At any time, a designated Inheritance Recipient may request to initiate the inheritance process.

Once they make the request, Casa will regularly attempt to contact the Vault Owner to notify them of the request. If the Vault Owner is alive, they may cancel the request and optionally remove the designated Recipient from their account.

Once the 6 month verification period passes without objection from the Vault Owner, the Inheritance request is unlocked. The Recipient is now allowed to view the vault, create a transaction in the Casa app, sign it with the mobile key (and potentially a shared hardware key), and request a signature from the Casa Recovery Key.

Enhanced Verification

Casa Private Clients have an additional inheritance option to enable Enhanced Verification.

Accounts with Enhanced Verification do not have the 6 month delay requirement to unlock an Inheritance request. Rather, both the Vault Owner and the Recipient must submit identification documents that will be used by Casa to verify the passing of the Vault Owner and the authorization of the Recipient to make the inheritance request.

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