Incentive Alignment

Casa as a company is incentivized to help our clients store their funds securely, both by keeping them safe from thieves and by preventing user error. Our users' success is directly related to our commercial success or failure as a company. Open-source storage systems don't have this incentive. They are usually created on a volunteer basis and have no personal stake in the success of their users.

We want it to be clear how we make money, and we want our incentives to be aligned with the best interest of our customers. We believe it's important that we build a sustainable business that is tightly aligned with keeping our members secure.

There is a saying in the software industry that if you aren't paying for a product, then the product is you. Free products must eventually generate revenue to stay alive, and that often happens by showing their users advertisements and selling their data. This goes against our principles at Casa and is why we charge up-front for our products to generate revenue.

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